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About Us

After the completion of our very own healthy home, we were amazed at the sheer number of requests for more information as to what we did, how we did it, and why we did it. Following countless moves in the quest of safe, affordable housing due to latex allergy, severe MCS, MCAS, and mold illness, we spent years studying non-toxic building options, common sources of moisture intrusion, best practice building procedures, and more. We consulted with professionals such as mold literate architects, read stacks upon stacks of building biology/building science/ bau biology books, and spoke with many individuals who had already achieved our dream of building a safe, non-toxic home. This knowledge was essential throughout the three year nontoxic home building process.

Non-toxic Home was founded following years of struggling to live in what later were found to be toxic environments. From cigarette smoke and laundry fumes to mold and latex-based building products, we have been through it all, and we understand how overwhelming the construction process can be.

Our desire is to empower you to live more healthfully, and we offer a variety of services based on our experiences and research to help you do just that! (Simply use the contact form, or reach out on Facebook!)

Leanna Reece has been collecting diagnoses since she was a child, including MCAS, MCS, fibromyalgia, severe airborne anaphylactic latex allergy, and mold illness. Her research skills, thanks to a world-class education at Purdue University, literally kept her alive in identifying natural treatments to cope with toxic environments.

David Reece has been the warrior at Leanna’s side, encouraging and supporting her in her quest for health. Dave, as he prefers to be called, offers a masculine approach to working with contractors and the knowledge that comes with real-world building experience

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