Non Toxic Home


Looking for further assistance with your non-toxic home? We can likely help! The following is a small sampling of services:

  • Identifying construction material options for latex allergies, MCS, MCAS, and other illnesses, and options for non-toxic building.
  • Sharing tips for building a mold resistant home.
  • Streaming video walkthroughs to help identify potential problem areas in your home or potential home.
  • Consulting via phone and video with builders and homeowners to discuss best practices, materials, and encourage open communication.
  • Assisting in finding non-toxic furnishings, tolerable health and beauty products, latex-free clothing, and just about any other product necessary for modern life.
  • Researching materials and best practices of specific interest.
  • Reducing EMF exposure for new builds, remodels, and daily life.
  • Supporting natural approaches to healing such as mold avoidance sabbaticals, transitioning to a whole food diet, detoxing from chemical exposure, and more via extensive research and real-world experience.

We understand how expensive it can be to cope with sensitivities and to live a non-toxic life. Thus, we also believe our consultation fees should be reasonable- and they are!  Consultations are via your choice of phone, email, or Skype.

Take a step towards better health and contact us today to schedule your first consultation!